Such small word
but carries on its back,
the basis of our whole existence.

It is the mother of positivity,
nurturing it under her warmth.
Doubt and speculations stay away
when hope is added to the strategy.

It’s a spider web as strong as steel, but not clearly visible to those who are timid.

Hopes make us knit dreams, take the first step, hitting up when we fall; they are the foundation of every decision, on which the humanity is standing so tall.


The day you were turned down

It was when you were elated to go about something, and suddenly you are told it’s not your cup of tea.

You may feel demoralized at once while still figuring out, what was the lacking factor that led to my oust.

You dive deep into the well of thoughts… realising the mistake you made, and thinking of solutions and ways to make an upgrade.

Then you are ready for the next battle… with all the weapons and armour in place, this time you are surely going to make it through the process.


कुछ रास्ते

कुछ रास्ते
सिर्फ इसलिए बने होते हैं
ताकि हमें यह एहसास दिला सके
कि जिंदगी पहले करके दिखती है
और फिर पाठ पढ़ाती है |

कुछ रास्तों पर हम
चलना चाहते है परंतु,
ज़िंदगी की उलझनों में
जकड़े रह जाते हैं |

कुछ रास्ते
वह लोग चुनते हैं,
जो मुश्किल फैसलों से नहीं घबराते
और समाज़ में नये कीर्तिमानो की
पहचान कराते |

इन्हीं भिन्न-भिन्न
रास्तों से बनीं है
ज़िंदगी की यह यात्रा,
किसका सफर कैसा बीतेगा
रास्ता क्या चुना है
इस पर निर्भर यह करेगा |


भारतीय पिता

कभी टेक्नोलॉजी संग हाथ मिलाते,
तो कभी अपने जमाने की गाथा सुनाते |
कभी बदमाशियों को अनदेखा कर देते,
तो कभी एक गलती पर खूब सारी डांट लगाते |
ऐसे होते है भारतीय पिता
जो अपनी इच्छायें किसी को ना बताते |

दिन भर काम करके भी,
अपनी थकान की परवाह किए बगैर
वह बच्चों के सपनों को साकार करने मे जुट जाते |
‘माना की हमनें यह सब नहीं देखा/किया,
पर बच्चे क्यू वंचित रहें’,
ऐसा कहकर हर वह सुविधा उपलब्ध कराते |

कभी दोस्त तो कभी खलनायक बन जाते,
कभी करुणा से तो कभी अनुशासन से
हर रूप में वे हमारी सुरक्षा और सफलता ही चाहते |
उनके भाव होंठों से नहीं ब्लकि आँखों और कार्यों से झलकते है,
जब वे नींद में हमें चादर ओढ़ाने आते हैं |

ऐसे होते है भारतीय पिता
जो चाह्ते हुए भी अपने मन के भाव नहीं दर्शा पाते ||


Perks of quarantine

It is a good thing
to be apart
from our loved ones
for some time,
it will help
in giving new energy
and perspective to our mutual relations.

It is a good thing
that we are far away
So that we can realise
the value of important people
which we haven’t anyway.

The cook, the help
deserve a huge gratitude
is the lesson of the day.

The irreplaceable role
Of our mothers
in organising our lives
and dreams is the page
we never dared to read.

How friendships grow
soul to soul
and not through parties
Now is the perfect time to know.

The grandparents whose
trembling, affectionate hands
were longing to embrace
thier kids, this is the time..
to realise their pain
and load them with hugs.

Indeed this is a crucial time
to understand
the futility of great expectations and
stop running after them,
Being happy in a world
of mutual love and support
and help grow each other.



For the first time
I have realised
that this isolation
is not just mine
Practising it
not for my sanity,
But I owe it
to the humanity,
to the mother nature,
who has always given me
And now
is a rare opportunity
To save
thousands of lives
just by doing nothing
and I am doing my bit,
in these times of quarantine.


A decade of learning (2010-2019)

In the beginning of this decade
I was eleven.
Learning tenses of english
and striving hard to beat
my competitor in class seven
and secure No. 1 position.

Then the fountain of teens
started pouring in.
My curious mind explored everything
which came on its way
the heart became bit of a rebellious
fighting with every eye
that was mistrusting.

As a young adult
I grappled with the trauma
of being right but considered wrong.
The whole world seemed to be
a court, making judgements
just to impinge on
my persona.

This decade gave me
successes and failures
in equal proportions
and yes, it did break
many of my preconceived notions.
The varied experiences
that I have had moulded me
emotionally, mentally and physically
into an another kind of being.

Today, I am twenty one
after a full fledged journey
from a little girl to a woman.
I know there is a lot more wisdom
to be gained as I go ahead,
but this decade will be special
because it has shaped me
into the person whose poem
you have just read.

©Taruna Rathore


is realising that
you owe some things
to your self
Be it beauty rituals
on weekends
or a bit of a self talk

This ensures
that our core remains
intact from external powers
like a caterpillar in a cuccon
growing each day
without any interference.

In a world
full of sympathy
these days
self love is the
only remedy
to heal the soul
from the harsh reality.

Cause in the end
self love means self care
which enables one
to provide the same
to others.


कब आएगी वह सुबह

कब आएगी वह सुबह
जब एक महिला बेखौफ़
फैसले ले सके अपने खुद के लिए
बिना किसी आलोचना की परवाह किये |

कब आएगी वह सुबह
जब महिलाओं को उनके हर कदम के लिए
समाज की ओर हमेशा उत्तरदायी न होना पङे |

कब आएगी वह सुबह
जब एक माँ अपनी नन्ही सी कली
को चुप कराने की बजाय
उसके उत्पीङकों को सज़ा दे |


21 things I have learned from my life so far…

1. Act, never react especially bullying.
2. Adjustment in different circumstances/phases of life as required.
3. How to save a little money along with spending.
4. Learned how to present myself before people genuinely and stopped pretending.
5. Learned how to enjoy your own company.
6. Accepted that people come in your life for a reason and go for a reason…and there is no point in holding on to them if they want to leave.
7. Stopped judging people and accepted the fact that whatever someone is doing..there must be a reason behind that and I am no one to judge him/her just because of one circumstance.
8. Learned to keep myself calm during odd times i.e. illness and phases of grief and taking balanced decisions during those times.
9. Learned to manage small things in my life in a better way, which makes other people happy as well i.e. learned multitasking.
10. Learned the art of giving to others as I grew up…be it help or small gifts to spread smiles.
11. Learned forgiving people and stopped keeping a grudge against people because of silly misunderstandings.
12. Learned that many a times arguement does not solve problem and even if you are right you can’t always win the arguement.So, let time solve it.
13. Learned that everybody has come on earth for a different purpose and is unique in some or the other way. So, stopped comparing myself with others in whatsoever aspects and started being happy in my own skin and in the circumstances I am in. Stopped copying people.
14. Developed a better sense of humour than before.
15. Stopped hurting myself on silly things people do for their selfish motives. Started expecting less.
16. Learned to say back to people if I am hurt, learned to open up my sadness.
17. Became a more mature person with better control on my emotions.
18. Learned to acknowledge which people actually love me, among friends and family and loving them in return.
19. Developed a sense of gratitude in life and started complaining lesser day by day, and giving my best to make things better.
20. Stopped panicking in unwanted situations and started enjoying life in every phase.
21. Became a bit better in problem solving be it mine or others.