God’s Own Child

Rare are they, God’s own children

who, carry a spiritual Aura

wherever they go.

Their wide smile opens into

an envelope of happiness,

their crystal like tears

drop like a stream

of righteousness.

Their eyes like pearl,

have an innocent sparkle,

the beautiful hands,

have all the grace of an angel.

Words are like a river flowing,

to hear them is never disappointing;

Their personality is so appealing

and spellbound, to them

people love being around.

But when,

The child of God departs….

We aren’t ready

to come to terms with the fact,

that she is no more

and went back to her heavenly father.

We grieve her presence and what her life

meant to us,

we now understand, the purpose of her life;

To spread love and life and then,

Let them practice alone.

She let’s everyone in her web of love

And then goes ahead

to make people love life more.

People miss her, cry after her

Because they need love,

they become alone and mad

after her departure

as she had the love which could nurture.



A reminder that people have had enough of you,

An opportunity to turn thoughts into plans and point of view,

and An addictive habit once you have been through.


The joy of letting go

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Why hold on to people, things
and beliefs
when you can just let them go

It takes courage cause
the mind plays tricks
making manipulations
and lands you in a fix

Gather some peace
Control your anxiety
Listen to your gut
Speak good to your mind
And experience the joy of letting go

It is liberating
Cause what doesn’t
Vibes with you is meant to let go


ज़िंदगी-एक सौदा

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

यहां ना कुछ यूँ ही मिलता है
ना कुछ यूँ ही खोता है |

हर मोड़ पर आते है
कई विकल्प
चुनकर कोई एक रास्ता
लिया जाता है संकल्प |

वक़्त की उछ्लती हुई लहरों के समक्ष
कितना टिक पाता है मनुष्य का दृढ़
यही है असली संघर्ष |

कभी आहुति देनी पड़ती है आराम की
तो कभी अपने और अपनों के लिए समय की
सिर्फ यही नहीं,
कभी कभी अपने स्वाभिमान पर भी संदेह सा होने लगता है,
सफलता ना मिले तो अस्तित्व हो खतरे में,
ऐसा व्यतीत होने लगता है |

सौदा घाटे का होता है या सही,
यह तो खैर वक़्त ही बताता है
जिसका मकसद हो सही,
वह आखिर में बाज़ी मार ही जाता है |



The innocent heart
Of a 6 year kid
as blank as a slate
ready to explore the
Newly entered place
through their own eyes
their own hands,their own feet.

But how can the society
Be happy seeing
the child’s free energy
Isn’t it an irony
If they do not judge and intervene.

They mock publicly
the emerging leader,
a heartful dancer
crushing the talent
While it’s still latent.

While it’s a passtime
for them
the child is traumatized
to the extent, dividing the world
into good and bad,
fearful of expressing
Ashamed of making mistakes,
Guilty in quitting,
and the list goes on…

If you can’t be
good to a child
atleast don’t
Make them believe
You are bad either.

Be the kind of adult
to a child you would have
wanted in your growing years.

– Taruna Rathore


Such small word
but carries on its back,
the basis of our whole existence.

It is the mother of positivity,
nurturing it under her warmth.
Doubt and speculations stay away
when hope is added to the strategy.

It’s a spider web as strong as steel, but not clearly visible to those who are timid.

Hopes make us knit dreams, take the first step, hitting up when we fall; they are the foundation of every decision, on which the humanity is standing so tall.


The day you were turned down

It was when you were elated to go about something, and suddenly you are told it’s not your cup of tea.

You may feel demoralized at once while still figuring out, what was the lacking factor that led to my oust.

You dive deep into the well of thoughts… realising the mistake you made, and thinking of solutions and ways to make an upgrade.

Then you are ready for the next battle… with all the weapons and armour in place, this time you are surely going to make it through the process.


कुछ रास्ते

कुछ रास्ते
सिर्फ इसलिए बने होते हैं
ताकि हमें यह एहसास दिला सके
कि जिंदगी पहले करके दिखती है
और फिर पाठ पढ़ाती है |

कुछ रास्तों पर हम
चलना चाहते है परंतु,
ज़िंदगी की उलझनों में
जकड़े रह जाते हैं |

कुछ रास्ते
वह लोग चुनते हैं,
जो मुश्किल फैसलों से नहीं घबराते
और समाज़ में नये कीर्तिमानो की
पहचान कराते |

इन्हीं भिन्न-भिन्न
रास्तों से बनीं है
ज़िंदगी की यह यात्रा,
किसका सफर कैसा बीतेगा
रास्ता क्या चुना है
इस पर निर्भर यह करेगा |


भारतीय पिता

कभी टेक्नोलॉजी संग हाथ मिलाते,
तो कभी अपने जमाने की गाथा सुनाते |
कभी बदमाशियों को अनदेखा कर देते,
तो कभी एक गलती पर खूब सारी डांट लगाते |
ऐसे होते है भारतीय पिता
जो अपनी इच्छायें किसी को ना बताते |

दिन भर काम करके भी,
अपनी थकान की परवाह किए बगैर
वह बच्चों के सपनों को साकार करने मे जुट जाते |
‘माना की हमनें यह सब नहीं देखा/किया,
पर बच्चे क्यू वंचित रहें’,
ऐसा कहकर हर वह सुविधा उपलब्ध कराते |

कभी दोस्त तो कभी खलनायक बन जाते,
कभी करुणा से तो कभी अनुशासन से
हर रूप में वे हमारी सुरक्षा और सफलता ही चाहते |
उनके भाव होंठों से नहीं ब्लकि आँखों और कार्यों से झलकते है,
जब वे नींद में हमें चादर ओढ़ाने आते हैं |

ऐसे होते है भारतीय पिता
जो चाह्ते हुए भी अपने मन के भाव नहीं दर्शा पाते ||


Perks of quarantine

It is a good thing
to be apart
from our loved ones
for some time,
it will help
in giving new energy
and perspective to our mutual relations.

It is a good thing
that we are far away
So that we can realise
the value of important people
which we haven’t anyway.

The cook, the help
deserve a huge gratitude
is the lesson of the day.

The irreplaceable role
Of our mothers
in organising our lives
and dreams is the page
we never dared to read.

How friendships grow
soul to soul
and not through parties
Now is the perfect time to know.

The grandparents whose
trembling, affectionate hands
were longing to embrace
thier kids, this is the time..
to realise their pain
and load them with hugs.

Indeed this is a crucial time
to understand
the futility of great expectations and
stop running after them,
Being happy in a world
of mutual love and support
and help grow each other.